January recap. The Schofields are here!!

Finally! The day had arrived. Schofields made it to Colorado. CO greeted them with frigid, single digit temps, and a giant snow storm.

Rusty’s POV: Halle and Tara made a sign. I picked up blake in the truck, they went ahead in the pathfinder. Blake fell asleep in the car. We waited in the car till the bags started dropping then I woke blake up and he trudged into the airport. We waited for just 10 more minutes and out they came! We cheered! I played Neil diamonds America on my phone (kids embarrassed) and pushed them and their 3 carts loaded with 12 bags and 4 back packs and a stroller through the airport to the truck. Things actually worked out really well. We parked in short term parking. They loaded bags into the truck. The kids went in the highlander and drove home. I dropped Dan off at the rental car place. Then just drove the bags home. Have I mentioned that I’m happy to have a truck? They visited their house then we all made delicious sausage and creme soup. I ate everybody’s that they didn’t finish. Home made snicker bars for dessert. Kids were tired so we loaded them up and drove them to their residence in in Longmont and unloaded all their bags. It was so COLD! Negative 2 degrees at this point. But they seemed happy to be there. It was just a good time with them. We droe home in the CRAZY FOG and I read blake the martian while he prompty fell asleep. We cannot wait to experience living by family. It’s going to be the best.

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