Sept recap

Wow–Fall time is always busy time.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Dash was so matted he had to get all his hair shaved off. 2019-09-06 18.29.49It’s Marching Band season!

Rusty and I had the opportunity to attend the posthumous sealing of sweet Faith Falagrady and her husband Don.  It was such a special experience–one that I won’t soon forgot.  I felt the atonement in action as that sweet family received long awaited temple blessings. Excuse my swollen, puffy eyes, but I couldn’t stop crying.

2019-09-14 11.27.05Blake learned how to solder a batter for his motorcycle.2019-09-17 20.15.18Halle chopped off her hair!  It looks so cute.  2019-09-18 18.48.01Dash’s favorite moment of the day: Loving on all the kids at the middle school bus stop. He’s so sad when they leave. 2019-09-19 07.29.20Dash’s second favorite moment of the day.  Sunning himself in the loft.  Rusty doesn’t mind it either! 2019-09-19 10.46.35Sunday night fun at the park. 2019-09-22 18.44.34Halle and friends went and did an escape room for Addie’s 16th birthday69321361_2448421348733569_2973956022856581120_oKickball and popsicles for FHE!2019-09-23 19.23.50Young Ameritowne.  The crown of 5th grade.  I was in Hawaii, so I couldn’t go with Blake and I was so sad.  Thank heavens for friends who send pics!  He was an accountant and had a blast working and spending all his hard earned $$. 2019-09-26 10.43.16Date club pedicure night.  Rusty asked the nail technician to paint his toes Blue and orange for the Mets, and she looked at him like he was crazy.  She asked him if he was serious like 10 times, but then finally painted them.  Rusty was a little self conscious in yoga the next morning, but he held his own 🙂 And he started a trend.  Sam and Matt painted theirs too!2019-09-14 18.57.472019-09-14 19.00.032019-09-14 18.17.56-12019-09-14 18.18.06-1

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