Oct recap

Paws in the Park. Halle volunteered at this fun walk for the Longmont Humane society. She was a course volunteer and Blake, Dash and I walked in the fundraiser. It was a lot of fun! At the end there were a ton of vendors giving away all kinds of doggie treats and toys. We came away loaded!

2019-10-05 09.26.54

General Conference weekend. Rusty was in London for work so the kids and I had a nice relaxing weekend. They were so great. I bought them workbooks and we all had a fun time filling in notes from the speakers and doing the various activities. And we had a glorious Fall walk in between sessions.2019-10-06 12.31.24

King Soopers–the closest we got to a Pumpkin Patch this year.2019-10-18 15.01.22

Temple trip with Halle and Josh. This was a special one! Near general conference they announced that any baptized member holding a limited use or regular temple recommend could act as witness for Proxy Baptism. Any endowed member with a current recommend can act as witness at a live baptism. (Also at a Sealing) This news made my heart leap with joy. Not only could I now act as a witness but Halle and Josh could too! I cried tears of joy as Halle witnessed for Josh in the temple. In wonder if she knows how many million of women have prayed for this opportunity. I feel so grateful to be a part of it. And I got my own turn to act as witness. I loved it. I felt a little sad, remembering how I would have loved to be able to do this at the baptism of my own children, but I’m grateful I can do it now.2019-10-19 10.07.38

The Halloween Haunt strikes again!2019-10-29 15.57.55Another Flag Football season is in the books!2019-10-19 12.12.00Which is real, and which are stuffies? 2019-10-13 08.30.07-1Darci Lynne!  While Rusty was in London, I took the kids to Darci Lynne.  Traffic was so bad that we missed 1/2 the show.  But we liked the part we saw!2019-10-05 20.53.33

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