Marshall Fire

We first heard about the Marshall fire from a friend texting to let us know what was going on while we were still in Utah. Not a wildfire, like a firestorm sweeping through suburban neighborhoods of superior and Louisville. There were wind gusts up to 100 mph and the fire spread in minutes. Entire neighborhoods, just gone. People had only minutes to escape the fire. Unbelievable that more people were not hurt. We were glued to the news. This was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before or even heard of. A suburban firestorm just doesn’t happen. 1000 homes burnt. Feelings of sadness for these people. Gratitude that injuries were minimal (given the circumstances) and that things weren’t worse. But what an awful day for everyone around. We’ve had the opportunity to help friends, deliver dinners, wash smokey laundry, volunteer at donation centers, etc. The whole community is rallying behind these people. We had the chance to drive by a few days later and the devastation just takes your breath away. It felt like we entered a whole other universe. It’s impossible to see without chocking up.

This was the view from our house. Mitchell Maddox took this pic:

And here are some more pictures from the media:

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