Palm Springs

Ahhh….sunshine. I’ve missed you. For our yearly winter getaway, my parents generously used their timeshare points and took us to Palm Springs over President’s Day weekend. Palm Springs has never been on my radar before–I loved it! I’d definitely go back again. Especially because President’s Day is Modern Week! Palm Springs is a mecca of mid century design. And Modern week brings it all together.

We had fun lounging at the pool, exploring Joshua Tree National Park, visiting the rock shop (multiple times) hiking, exploring downtown, etc. Perhaps my favorite moment of the trip was when Josh decided he wanted to go souvenir shopping with the Birds. He was in our car and Rusty didn’t want to drive and find the Bird’s. So, he kicked Josh out of the car and told him to find his way. Josh was up to the challenge. Until this happened:

The absolute favorite thing to do in Joshua Tree was climb on all the rocks. These boys had such a blast scrambling all over. They decided to tackle a particularly tall peak, and getting down was harder than they anticipated. Blake got stuck in a particularly sticky spot. Michael was telling Natalie that Blake kinda froze for a minute. Leo leans over to Jack and said, “Jack, were you cold? Cause I wasn’t!” We got a good chuckle out of that.

We took the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway up to Mt. San Jacinto State Park. This is the longest rotating tram in the world. It was so cool to rotate around and get the view from all angles.

I reeeeaaaallly wish that we could have gone inside to explore Robolights. But alas, I think it’s only open to the public during Christmas Time. Even peeping behind the fence was fascinating. People are so weird and awesome.

Palm Canyon was amazing!! So cool to see this oasis of Palm Trees in the middle of the dessert. We left the kids behind and this was adults only. The best part was that we saw 4 Mountain Goats! They were amazing. I wanted to stay and watch them forever.
Pool time was good time. It was 81 degrees one day and we soaked up every ounce of that sun. We had fun having pool noodle wars, throwing the beach ball around, and going on the surprisingly violent slide.
We had popsicles in the hot tub one night. I was opening Simon’s and it slipped into the water. Of course, it was immediately melted. It took us awhile to even find the stick!

Rock Shop fun. Josh got a cool tree to add to his shelf collection, and Halle and I both got some crystals. Blake didn’t buy a single thing with his souvenir money. He wanted to save it instead. Who is this kid?

We went to play at the Mariott arcade. That hotel was HUGE! We also quite liked hanging out with the flamingos. Our favorite part of the arcade was when all 5 of us were playing the clown game to try to get the high score. We did it! It was hilariously fun–elbows and balls flying in all directions.

On our way back to the airport we went and checked out the Mid Century houses. Can I just move here now?

Thanks Palm Springs, and thanks Mom and Dad!

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