Christmas Eve Skiing at Brighton

It started out as a rough day.  We decided to expand our horizons this year in part due to Brighton’s Kids Ski Free policy.  It took FOREVER to get up the canyon and parking was a mess.  We finally got to the rental center, only to be greeted with a 1.5 hour line  WOAH.  Here’s how Blake felt about it.  2018-12-24 12.54.09The rocky start could have ruined our day, but all the kids had great attitudes and as soon as we hit the slopes it was all smiles.  Temp was perfect, snow was great.2018-12-24 15.31.04-12018-12-24 15.09.342018-12-24 15.23.17Everyone declares that skiing in the Trees was the best park.  They all had some pretty funny spills throughout the day.  My favorite Blake spill was when he was skiing through the river bottom and got stuck in a bare patch–his skis slid right down into a hole where the river water was rushing by.  And Josh had a great face plant coming out of the trees and off an unexpected little jump.  I was proud of the boys–they skied like no time had passed at all.  2018-12-24 15.35.36Halle was sick this year and so she didn’t come with us.  It was just me and the boys!2018-12-24 16.30.28 HDR2018-12-24 15.09.17

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