Other Christmas fun

One of the most fun things we did this year was visit the family history library on Temple Square.  It was so much fun for everyone.  Kids and adults loved it.  We also wanted to buy some chickens from the humanitarian vending machine, but the line was over an hour long!  That’s crazy.  And awesome.  We buzzed through the lights at Temple Square on our way back to the cars.

family history library

2018-12-21 17.53.20-1.jpgGetting to visit with the Dansies.  Shayla to the rescue.  We never would have finished our Hawaii puzzle without her!2018-12-23 14.32.252018-12-23-17.10.44-e1546301447941.jpgCheesy Hallmark Christmas movies for the girls, and Star Wars for the boys!

Meeting up with my Hawaii friends.  It’s always the best time when we are together.  I feel 19 all over again.  2018-12-24 10.37.48Christmas Sunday Service!Dec 23 Christmas Sunday service_DSC5233My mom and dad and I went walking with Dash one morning.  We came across this beautiful Bald Eagle.  He just sat and let us gaze at him.  I tucked Dash safely away in my coat so he wouldn’t be that eagle’s morning snack.  IMG_E0948Playing in Grandpa’s golf lair!

Luminaria with the Cornells.  This was beautiful!  Such a fun light display.  We loved hanging out with everyone.  And we didn’t want to leave Dash home, so we snuck him in inside Halle’s coat.  He wouldn’t quite stay put with her, so we had to transfer him to my coat.  I think it was all a little overwhelming to him.  He didn’t stop shaking for like 30 minutes.  We went to Mo Bettah and got Hawaiian food for dinner before going to Landon’s for some VR fun.  We played Beat Saber and I loved it so much.  Makes me want a VR set up!IMG_0959IMG_E09992018-12-22 16.57.10 HDRLuminaria

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