Harry Potter Holidays

We had the opportunity to attend two really fun Harry Potter events this holiday season.  First up was the Yule Ball at the Longmont Museum.  I had seen this advertised last year but it was already sold out.  I made a note in my calendar in Sept so I would remember to register early.  I’m so glad I did!  Rowberrys and Martinez came with us.  It’s always more fun with friends. 2018-12-28 18.28.102018-12-28 18.27.16 There were wizard themed treats and dancing in The Great Hall, a Museum of Dark Magic, Herbology,dsc_0998 a Potions room where the kids got to mix up some fun concoctions,dsc_10132018-12-28 19.19.53 2018-12-28 19.21.01a Hogsmead where you could grab a fun mixed drink, and the Astrology Tower where you could have your palm read and your fortune told in the cards. While waiting in line for the Astrology Tower Rusty entertained the crowd with a Harry Potter Trivia game.dsc_11152018-12-28 20.39.34There were talking portraits and we got to hunt for Horcruxes. 2018-12-28 18.55.36There was also a station where you could dress like a Muggle and another with Harry Potter Props.  I’m pretty sure Josh dressed like a Muggle will go down as one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It was a great night and we loved every minute of it! yule ballThe next weekend was another eagerly anticipated event.  The Harry Potter Film Series with the Colorado Symphony at Boettcher Concert Hall.  I knew this would be awesome, but it totally exceeded our expectations.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  We loved it so much that we immediately bought tickets to the next installment in Aug.  We watched The Order of the Phoenix on big screens while the Symphony played the musical score.  We booed for the villains and cheered for the heroes.  They also had a room set up with and instrument petting zoo and now Blake is convinced the Trumpet is the instrument for him.  This was definitely the highlight of the New Year!  2019-01-04 19.23.462019-01-04 19.24.132019-01-04 19.25.582019-01-04 19.29.23

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