Halle Blogs about Christmas Parties and Christmas Eve

The Banks Christmas party was a lot of fun with never have I ever games, meat pies, and an epic ping pong battle. Carson won the grand prize of $50!

Christmas Eve started off with the annual skiing trip, at Brighton this year. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time going on runs and hanging out in the lodge eating surprisingly good pizza and giant cookies. A big snowstorm was rolling through at the end which made some cold last runs and a very very long drive home.

We finally made it back to the Cornell’s for the best cheesy potatoes and ribs dinner. We then did the Christmas talent show where Leo told the funny story of the Yule goat, which is a Christmas tradition in Scandinavia but has a history of being burnt down. I did the Olaf monologue from Frozen 2. Grandma made the girls sing–we should have practiced. Finn, Jhena, and Landon joined us on FaceTime. Papa also showed us a slideshow of Christmas through the ages and it was fun to look back on all the years. And of course, we sang the Scrooge Song.

The adults got Grandma and Grandpa season tickets to Hale Center. They were so excited! We got our Christmas Eve pajamas, and ended the night with sibling gifts which this year we’re gifts of time instead of material things. Then it was bedtime so Santa could come!

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