Thanksgiving 2018

This Thanksgiving began as they all do….at the Broomfield Turkey Day 5k.  It was a medium weather day.  Not super cold, but definitely not warm.  This year I got to be with Blake, which was so fun.  Rusty and Josh ran together and Halle took off on her own.  Blake’s side was hurting, so we just walked and talked about computer games, school, and how he was going to eat ONLY mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.  Halle was a speedy gal and hit the 36 minute time goal we’d set.  She earned $5.  Josh ran 2.5 miles without stopping, also earning himself $5. This year we got beanies instead of shirts.  It was a fun change.  We didn’t stay long afterward because we wanted to get home to Churro 🙂  2018-11-22 08.44.062018-11-22 08.51.362018-11-22 09.22.062018-11-22 09.45.432018-11-22 10.10.58

Then it was time for naps with puppies.  2018-11-22 12.59.53-1

We were all getting hungry and antsy, so we went up to the tennis courts to pass some time and burn off some energy.  We had a great time!  Churro ran all over the court and we all tried to beat Rusty.  We did not succeed.  2018-11-22 13.52.14 HDR

Thanksgiving dinner was at the Owens house.  We loved spending the holiday with them and the Paces.  Perfect company!  Heather, Gina and I split all the cooking and I think I came away with the easy stuff.  I prepped everything on Wed, so I only had to add finishing touches on Thanksgiving day.  The feast was delicious, and the ping pong tournament after was fierce.  Sam and Rusty had an epic battle.  In the end, Sam pulled out the win.  I imagine there will be a rematch in the future.  2018-11-22 15.28.052018-11-22 15.58.032018-11-22 18.45.10

After Ping Pong, we were ready for pie!  I made my favorite banana creme with the pecan crust.  So delicious.  We played some games until everyone was ready to hit the hay.  It was a wonderful day and we are so grateful to the Owen’s for inviting us.

And…3 family pictures in one day!  This must be a new record.  One at the turkey trot, one at tennis and one right before we left for dinner.  family thanksgiving edit

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