4th of July fun

As usual, the Vista Ridge festivities began on the 3rd. The kids and I sold shave ice at the pool and it was our best day EVER. We made over $200. Chic fil a was there giving out free sandwiches and at first we were afraid they would steal all our business. But as soon as lunch was over we had a HUGE line. We couldn’t keep up! We had a line for over an hour. It was awesome. And….we had our first social media post! 😉

Later that evening Halle went to celebrate Tiegan’s birthday and the rest of us went to the Fryer’s for a BBQ. The Owens and Rowberrys were also there. The kids had a blast playing together and roasting s’mores with Symphony chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. When it got dark we walked up the road and staked out a place to watch the fireworks. We ended up in the weeds, which wasn’t super comfortable. The show was great, as usual. We walked home after it was over and hit the hay.

Photo courtesy of Erie, CO Facebook page
The next day we were back selling shave ice. The kids have all earned several hundred dollars this summer already. Halle is saving up for her 8th grade Washington DC trip and her and Josh are also saving for a Leopard Gecko.

That evening I went to the firework stand and got some little fireworks for us to light off in the street. I think the kids like this waaaay more than the big shows. They love to light the fireworks, do sparklers and throw snaps. I splurged on a “grand finale” fountain this year and everyone loved it.

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