Oct 2018 Recap

Again, it was another fun, full, busy month!

Kit Kat Challenge. Blake planned this fun FHE activity for us. We tried to break the world record of eating a Kit Kat in 22 seconds without using our hands.  We didn’t break the record, but we had fun trying!2018-10-01 20.27.47Another FHE–we listened to President Nelson’s address from Conference.  He talked about the importance of using the proper name of the church. Every time he said Jesus we passed left, every time he said Church, we passed right.  We were passing so much we could hardly keep up! 2018-10-08 19.17.04Our annual trip to Ya Ya Orchard for Apple Cider donuts!2018-10-12 13.54.49Rusty told the boys they had to get outside for awhile.  This is what they chose to do.  2018-10-13 16.05.23Flag football in the snow.  Burrrr!!!2018-10-15 18.06.20Speed Friendship at a Mutual Activity.  Everyone loved this one.  2018-10-16 19.25.07Babysitting Captain again! He is so dang adorable. And getting bigger!2018-10-20 14.45.57Estes Park and the YMCA with cousins.  Rusty took the kids up and spent the night.  I had to stay home to get ready for the Halloween dance.  Fun was had by all.  Pool time, basketball, rollerskating, crafting, trick or treat, you name it, they did it.  2018-10-27 11.34.012018-10-27 14.26.262018-10-26 20.23.26We had Brett and Kami and the kids over for dinner on their way home from Estes.  I was glad I got to see them for a little bit!2018-10-28 14.34.58Blake’s 4th grade music concert!  He had a little part in one of the songs and was so proud.  He did a great job!

2018-10-22 18.41.00Josh and Claire’s LAST DAY OF PRIMARY. LAST DAY OF PRIMARYI got to attend my Aunt Tonya’s funeral.  I was so glad I got to be there to celebrate the life of this angel lady.  I have so many fond memories of her and her family growing up.  We always spent Christmas Eve together.  I also remember picking strawberries in her back yard, playing with her bunny and eating chocolate covered bananas out of the deep freezer.  A kinder person has never walked the earth and I have much to learn from her gentle nature, generous heart, and ever faithful spirit.  2018-10-19 12.35.042018-10-19 13.06.53Cub scout pack meeting.  These skits were great!

Band competition.  Erie was AWESOME.  They have worked so hard!

And I give you the World’s Funniest Hamster:


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