May 2018 What will now be known as the busiest month of my life

So busy that I am barely getting around to blogging it in July 🙂 I’ll just hit the highlights here.  2018-05-02 15.24.56180502_Josh-100-Mile-Club180521_5th-Grade-Field-Day-180521_Blake-3rd-Grade-Projects-8th grade graduation:180523_Bridge-To-High-schoolnHalle 8th grade dedication5th Grade Graduation:180525_5th-Grade-GraduationJosh yearbook dedication_1More Fun:180601_May-Bike ride with the YM2018-05-01 19.28.42Fishing Clinic in the rain2018-05-12 10.55.28Halle is the proud owner of her very own clarinet!!2018-05-12 11.03.00-35th grade tradition.  Walking to 7 Eleven for Sluprees
2018-05-22 14.24.282018-05-25 15.58.04
Sweet little missionaries delivered these to all the mom’s in the ward.  Sweet Mother's day gift from the missionaries
Blake and Josh finally earned the money for their xbox.  They’ve been working hard this year! They finally earned their xbox!

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