Joshua’s 12th Birthday

Dear Josh,

What a special birthday!  Turning 12 is so much fun and I am so excited for you to get to join the YM program.  Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on your interview with the bishop as he interviewed you to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and gave you your very first temple recommend interview.  I count it as one of the most sweet, sacred events of my life.  I loved to see your big, beaming smile as you learned the responsibilities of a Deacon. There was one part where the bishop told you that you have the right to the ministering of angels.  He talked about how we can receive help from beyond the veil and you were really touched by this idea.  Your smile was as big as I’ve ever seen it, and I saw the Spirit touch your heart.  Always remember this moment and know that you are never alone.  There is help and love all around you.  Even from angels!  I loved seeing your testimony shine in your face as you answered the temple recommend questions. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and knew without out a doubt that Heavenly Father was so proud of you, His son.  I was so proud to.  Life gets so tricky and there are so many questions that don’t have good answers.  When those hard times come I hope you can lean on times like these where the Spirit testified truth to you.

I just love you so much!  I love that you can now sit in the front seat with me.  It’s so fun to talk to you without having to yell to the back!  You are playing the saxophone in band this year and you love it so much.  You have progressed rapidly, and just joined Tuba Tuesday so you can add the Tuba or Baritone to your instrument list as well.

You LOVE screen days (still).  Right now your favorite is Roblox, although now that you are 12 and can play Fortnight, that one might take the lead.  You still love your audiobooks and your wireless headphones have made it so much easier for you to listen without lugging your iPad around with you everywhere.

You are so very smart, although school is not your favorite thing.  You start every week with a countdown to the weekend 🙂  You love Teen Titans on TV, and I’d guess your favorite food is Mac and Cheese from Costco.  And Candy.  This year there wasn’t a bribe big enough to get you to part with your 8 lbs of Halloween candy.

Josh, keep letting your light shine.  It is bright and beautiful and you are a light and an example to those around you.  Keep being fun, witty, and thoughtful.  And always remember how much I love you!

Love, Mom

Josh had a late night with his friends the night before his birthday.  They had pizza, root beer floats and watched Napoleon Dynamite.  Well, the movie was on in the background, but really, it was one big wrestling match.  So fun.  2018-11-02 20.12.42Nick got him a pink Minnie Mouse card that said, “Look who’s One!”  They thought it was the funniest thing in the world!

He got to attend his very first youth activity on his birthday.  And it was a good one!  Beans, Leaves, and Teens (BLT) is one of the favorite activities of the year.  The kids raked 374 bags of leaves.  In return for raking they asked families to donate to FISH, a local food bank.  They collected 468 lbs of food and $361.  AND then, they got to enjoy delicious BLT sandwiches.  It was a successful morning!2018-11-03 11.20.512018-11-03 11.16.15

Josh got to have Grandma and Grandpa Cornell out for his birthday this year!  They came for his Priesthood ordination and it was so fun to have them for the weekend. We picked them up right after the BLT activity and they got to be here for present time!  12 is the year our kids are allowed to get a phone so Josh was excited to get his little phone with the slide out keyboard all set up.  And then the dumb thing didn’t work! We had to return it.  Booooo.  2018-11-03 16.26.22Josh 12th bday

That night we went to BJ’s for dinner where Josh got a gigantic peanut butter s’more Pizookie for his birthday treat.  It was incredibly decadent and delicious.2018-11-03 19.19.51

The next day was his ordination.  Rusty gave him a beautiful blessing and it was so special to have Grandpa there to stand in the circle with him.  Grandpa searched high and low to find an awesome tie for Josh and he exactly hit the mark!  The tie matched Josh’s suit perfectly!  He looked so handsome and happy.
2018-11-04 22.14.22-12018-11-04 22.09.33PicMonkey Image

After, we went to Boulder to hike the South Mesa Trail.  Well, of course, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees in 10 minutes.  We were all freezing and didn’t last long on the trail.  But, we did snap some beautiful pictures!  2018-11-04 13.32.44 HDR2018-11-04 13.33.28-12018-11-04 17.23.282018-11-04 13.23.12-1

As if ALLLLLL that weren’t enough, we had one more celebration to go.  We celebrated Josh, Claire, Max and Halle at Sunday dinner.  Grace tried to make a 3 layer cake and 2 layers wouldn’t come out of the pan.  So, a 1 layer cake it was!  And it was delicious.  Or so I heard.  Darn GF living! We LOVE all of these cute kids!

2018-11-04 19.13.132018-11-04 19.14.50

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