Toy Story Halloween

BEST. HALLOWEEN. EVER.  Sarah and the kids were doing a toy story theme, and we knew we had to join in the fun.  Sarah and I made most of the costumes, and I have to say, I’m pretty darn proud of how they turned out!  We spent hours planning, and about a million trips to Hobby Lobby. The weekend before we had all the kids over to watch Toy Story so we could get excited and get into character.

Halloween is always one big blur. Funny vampire donuts and Reeces Bats cereal for breakfast. 2018-10-30-19-56-28.jpgI hosted Blake’s class party, but didn’t even snap one picture!  We did Ghost Rockets, played Bingo and pin the nose on the witch and made a spooky snack mix.  It was really fun!  Blake REALLY wanted to be a Snow Trooper and NOT a Toy Story Character, so we compromised.  Snow Trooper for School and Trick or Treat, Alien for family pictures 🙂  I wish I had a better pic, but this will have to do.
2018-10-31 08.55.00Josh couldn’t wear Rex to school, so he came up with the very creative wolf, giraffe, zebra, cheetah costume.


Halle and Ruby dressed up as each other and it was so funny.  Everyone always tells them they look alike so they have fun donning each other’s clothes for the day.  I wish I had a picture because they were so cute!

After school parties it was time for the Halloween favorite….Coke and dry ice.  Blake said that it would give him just the buzz he needed to hit the streets with full force for trick or treating.

PicMonkey CollageThen it was off to the Rowberry’s for pictures!  Jane burst into tears the minute she saw Rusty, say, “YOU LOOK SCARY.  I don’t like it. You don’t look like yourself!!”  She cried and cried and wouldn’t look at Rusty or come near him at all.  It was sad.  I really feel like we should have entered some sort of costume contest, because we would have KILLED it.  Everyone looked so good, and it was so fun to have so many characters.  I want to frame this pic for Halloweens to come!2018-10-31 17.45.44The Rowberry Fam–Alien, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Boo Peep, Woody, Buzz and Jessie45208136_10155974154068806_6074428034063007744_oThe Banks Fam–Slinky Dog, Sid, Rex, The Prospector and Alien. 2018-11-01 02.31.19Halloween 2018
The kiddos:
2018-10-31 18.03.392018-10-31 18.01.22-1
The adults:2018-10-31 19.06.122018-10-31 18.06.11

Blake ultimately decided to go as a hybrid Snow Trooper/Alien for Trick or Treat.  And Trick or Treat Rex OWNS ME.  The dino waddle was the cutest thing ever.

Trick or Treat
As usual, everyone got WAY too much candy.  They had to empty their baskets after Collier’s Hill to make room for Vista Ridge.  My favorite moment of the night was when they all switched up costume parts so they could go back to a house that gave out full size candy bars and not be recognized.  It was hilarious.

It’s going to be hard to live up to all this next year.  But, I’m sure we’ll try.

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