Sept recap

Once school starts it seems like the days and months just fly right by!  Here’s what we were up to in Sept:

We babysat Jane and Luke for a few days while Sarah and the rest of the kids went to her brother, Parker’s, wedding in Portland.  They looooved coloring on the window.

2017-09-01 09.22.25 HDR

We enjoyed our last pool day of the season. And we had the place to ourselves! Blake cried and cried when it was time to leave.

2017-09-01 19.43.12

We tried the National Speedway again.  It was LOUD.  But, we got to stay for the fireworks show, which was pretty fun.

Elich Gardens for the 3rd Labor Day in a row!  This year was HOT.  We tried to go to the waterpark, but it was MOBBED.  The best part of this year was that each kid got $5 to spend on a treat or a game.  So, the kids all shared treats so they could also have game money.  They each won a cute little Koala bear.  Our favorite ride this year was the new Star Flyer swings.  And the log ride where we got absolutely SOAKED.

2017-09-04 12.30.162017-09-04 13.02.43

The new Frozen musical premiered in Denver.  Of course, Halle and I HAD to go.  And it was AWESOME.  We immediately wanted to see it again.

2017-09-05 20.45.00-22017-09-05 20.45.29

How pretty is this Colorado sunset taken by our neighbor Michelle Chudleigh?  The colors are just like a CO flag!

2017-09-06 08.05.07

Bedtime reading and snuggles!

2017-09-06 09.00.57


2017-09-07 18.29.332017-09-08 18.19.37

Rusty chaperoned the youth temple trip with these little beauties!

2017-09-12 17.11.23

And made the traditional stop at TCBY after.

2017-09-12 20.43.00

Halle’s cute bus drive, Ed, retired.  This was the sweet note he sent home.  We are gonna miss him!

2017-09-13 19.35.14

My adorable Wolf Cub Scouts put on a fun Campfire presentation complete with skits, songs, and trampoline stunts

2017-09-19 16.45.14 HDR

Josh got a good workout pulling Halle all through the neighborhood

2017-09-17 19.14.07

Fall Sports are in full swing!  It’s been cold this year!  Blake is playing flag football for the first time and they had friday games under the lights.  It was so fun!

2017-09-22 19.27.26

Watching a cold, rainy soccer game for Halle underneath my umbrella, cozied up in my hoodie and a blanket.

2017-09-23 11.37.35

Finally, after living in Erie for more than a decade we made it to the Homecoming parade.  Can you see the mass amounts of candy on the ground?  I swear it was better than Halloween!

Erie Homecoming Parade
2017-09-15 17.43.34

Father and Son Campout

Father and Son campout

The Painted Ladies migrated through CO this year in higher numbers than usual.  We had swarms of them in our front bushes!  It was so fun to see.  Look close at the picture with the yellow bush and you’ll see 10+ butterflies.  That pic was taken at the kids school.

2017-09-20 15.48.232017-10-04 11.40.24.jpg

Rusty hiked a 14ner with the Young Men.  I think it was a tryout of sorts, because the following week he got called to be the Teacher’s Quorum Adviser!

2017-09-16 10.01.592017-09-16 10.06.532017-09-16 10.02.38

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