BolderBoulder 2018

Another BB10k is in the books! The weather was absolutely perfect this year. Mostly overcast and a high of 67 degrees.

Rusty cannot recover from his flu! He’s had 102 temperature for over a week. He started to feel a tiny bit better but no one thought it was a good idea for him to attempt the race. We were all a little disappointed because this was going to be the first year our entire family did the race.

Sarah and Dani did the double BolderBoulder and started their race at 7. So, josh, Halle and I picked up Grace and Claire and off we went to Boulder!

Sarah ran with Josh, Dani ran with Claire, Halle and Grace ran with each other and I ran with Blake.

We all met back up at the finish line and everyone had a great race! Especially Josh and Sarah, who found cupcakes! I’m really proud of Josh–he ran a total of 5.5 miles!

But the real reason they run? The PEPESI! And the snack bags. 🙂

We got the best shot after the race. It might be my favorite BB10k shot to date. Love all these tough, go getters!

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