Aug 2021 Recap

We hiked Gray’s and Torry’s Peak with Josh and co! Josh’s first 2 14ers and #2 and 3 for me! It was quite a challenge to get to the top for these boys. So, so steep. Josh was amazing! He was just like this mountain goat. He could scramble anywhere. When we got to the top of Gray’s Josh took a few minutes to admire the view. Then he pulled out his phone and said, “I have 3 bars up here!!!” And Ben decided not to summit Torry’s. Instead he waited in the saddle and played Clash of Clans. Hilarious. I was so proud of these boys!

BEST WEEKEND EVER! The Hawaii gals reunited for some fun in the sun to celebrate Jessica’s birthday. We stayed at Snowbird. Everyone was planning on coming, but then Micah got Covid and Kasey had a cough so she played it safe. We were so sad not to have Kasey and Rachel with us. We went on a little hike, had a very strange dinner at Alta where we are pretty sure the server was trying to get fired–he was so, so bad. Then, matching PJ’s and gabbing the night away. The next day we spent a solid 8 hours at the pool and could have done more. We got to meet Jessica’s new boyfriend, Rob. And it turns out Rob is Cole’s boss at Avanti! It was fun to send Cole a pic of us together.

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