May 2022 Recap

Life keeps barreling forward. How are we at May?

Is working at Google even a job? Fully stocked fridges, ping pong, a music room, relaxation rooms, a giant gym, an arcade, meals, nap pods, etc. The perks are real. Rusty FINALLY got to go to Mountain View and meet his team in person! 21 months after he started. He had a great time and probably secretly hopes he has to make many trips to Mountain View over the coming months.

I got to watch the Schofield kids for a few days while Carlie went to Austin with Dan on a business trip. Rusty was in Mountain View so it was just me and the kids. Even though things got a little hectic at times, I genuinely enjoyed myself. And I even got to go to Mave’s kindergarten Mother’s Day celebration. She painted my nails, gave me a head massage, and I got to meet the baby chicks! And Cy snuggles are the best.

This is my favorite picture from our time together. Dash hopped right up in Cy’s stroller and refused to get down. And Cy loved it because he could pet and love on Dash and he didn’t run away.

Nicole and I hosted a Spring Formal Dinner for all the kids in our Stake who wanted to come. I think it was a fun time! We had appetizers, took pics, ate dinner and sent them off to the dance. Weeks ago I had told Blake I’d pay him to be a server. Gwen and Mave wanted to join in the fun, no payment needed. They were so excited. We stopped by their house to they could get the perfect outfits, we talked about set up and the proper way to serve non stop for days. Gwen made adorable menus for the tables.

Halle and co had an ok time at the dance. It was at Wings Over the Rockies, which was a cool venue, but I think they are over the Stake Dance scene. Onward and upward!

Final Band concert! My heart is so conflicted. I’m so proud of Halle and love to celebrate with her. But I don’t want it to be over! I need more! The pandemic ripped us off.

They played so well. I am so impressed at all they’ve accomplished. So happy she found band and got to work with both Mr. Tyler and Mr. Carmichael. They honored all the Seniors and I couldn’t help shedding a few tears.

We got to share the best running day of the year with our family! BolderBoulder 2022. It was sooooo fun to have everyone here. It was a little chilly (see Max and Blake) but I think that is fantastic. The only sad thing was that the sky divers couldn’t do their thing due to high winds. So glad everyone got to participate in this sacred Boulder rite. 😉

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