Blake’s 9th birthday

Dear Blake,

Happy 9th Birthday!! Your birthday always comes at such a busy time of year as school wraps up for the summer. I’ve had so much fun watching you grow this year. I always say that 3rd grade is a pivotal year. You are officially a big kid! This year you have excelled in math and you loved Mini Society.

You stated taking piano lessons from Grace and have picked it up so quickly! You are also really enjoying your Ninja Warrior class. Dad gets to take you each week and you love having that time with him all to yourself.

You have so much energy and spunk. Your mind is so creative and I love when you tell me all your imaginative stories. They always start with “What if….” and always go in a funny direction.

You are a cat whisperer. Wherever we go, you seem to find a cat! And you love it!

You are still the best snuggler and often get mad if we don’t have enough time for Sunday morning snuggles in my bed.

Blake, sometimes you feel like you get in trouble too much or that we don’t allow you to be yourself. But I want you to know we love you exactly the way you are! You dad and I are always learning and trying to find the best way to be your parents. We want you to feel comfortable and free to express and explore. But we also don’t want you to kick your sibling in the shins or make us late to every single function 🙂 It’s a balancing act.

We are so glad you are ours and can’t wait to see all the growth and changes that come this year. I love you so, so much my Blakey Boo!

Love, Mom


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