May 2019 recap

Compared to last May, this May seemed like a cakewalk.  But, as I look back, we still did a lot of stuff!!
Rusty went to DC to pursue a remote job opportunity with DNS Filters 2019-05-01 07.05.24100 Mile club Gold Medal ceremony! 2019-05-01 12.11.52Teacher Appreciation week!  2019-05-03 12.37.11Colorado being ugly.2019-05-03 19.51.57We helped our friends at Calvary Bible pack meals.  I think they did like 50,000!2019-05-04 10.33.42The Sequoia hit 250,000 miles.  I love this car!2019-05-06 12.02.17Banks and Bohn Boys go to the Rockies game2019-05-09 13.53.502019-05-09 14.06.39Date night sushi and Nerfis to celebrate Dave’s birthday!2019-05-11 21.05.022019-05-11 19.10.18Snow.  On MAY 21.  Insane.  2019-05-21 15.02.542019-05-21 07.00.35Happy 4th Birthday Luke!2019-05-31 16.46.24Last day of the 4th gradeLast day of 4th grade Mrs SheehanLast day of early morning seminary!  I am proud of both me AND Halle for surviving this year.Last day of Early morning seminary!Puppy playdate for Dash!2019-05-10 08.51.526th Grade Band concert

High School band concert

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