Franklin Park Zoo

Compared to the Denver Zoo, this place was a ghost town!  Also, much, much shadier.  The best part?  Feeding the Finches at the Aussie Aviary


And this really cool carousel and park.IMG_4975 - Copy

IMG_4976 - CopyIMG_4977IMG_4978

Look closely and you will see our animal siblings rode the carousel with us.IMG_4974 - Copy

The zoo also brought with it a special adoption.  Meet Johnny, the Pygmy Hippo.  Blake told the story of his adoption.  It went something like this, “ Johnny woke up today hoping it would be the day when someone would take him home.  I walked into the store and picked him up off the shelf.  And that’s the end of the story!”

IMG_5081 - Copy

Later that evening we picnicked at the Esplanade

And enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Charles, and some striking night time views of Boston as we scootered home over the Harvard Bridge.


Today we took a respectable 26,269 steps.


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