Cape Cod

We got up “early” (around 8am) to get ready for the drive to Cape Cod.  Rusty had a tentative work meeting in Nantucket, and the ferry from the Cape to Nantucket was scheduled to leave at 11.  It was still undecided if we would come with him, or just stay in Hyannis.  Of course, there was tons of traffic, and Google Maps estimated we would be at the harbor at 10:57.  That was definitely not enough time to get all of us on a ferry, so we dropped Rusty off and he ran to purchase his ticket.  At the ticket counter they radioed the boat to wait, saying, “We have a runner!” 

The kids and I grabbed lunch and then headed to Veterans Park Beach.  It was right near a beautiful memorial for John F. Kennedy. (More on the Kennedy’s later) The ocean water was as smooth as glass, which was a disappointment to the kids. Come to find out, it’s not usually like that. The preceding days had huge waves crashing on the shoreline. Good thing there were sea shells to gather!  The kids hunted and gathered 100’s of only the finest shells.  There are plans to use them as currency in their stuffed animal games. 

After a few hours of swimming in the ocean and gathering shells, we were ready for our next adventure.  We went to the boat harbor in hopes of securing some sort of boating tour.  We found a lighthouse tour—perfect.  We hopped aboard and headed out.  The lighthouses were kind of a disappointment, we never really got close enough to see them properly, but it was way fun to be out in the boat.  The highlight of the trip was seeing all the beautiful sail boats (most of them belonging to the Kennedy Family) and the Kennedy compound.  The kids were like, “Kenne-who??” But they were all ears as the tour guide pointed out the home owned by Taylor Swift when she was dating Connor Kennedy.

boat CollageIMG_5044

We amused ourselves in the harbor until Rusty’s ferry came back from Nantucket.
PicMonkey Collage

I had promised the kids ice cream earlier in the day, and they weren’t letting me forget it.  And of course, we passed a carousel along the way, and the kids and the animals definitely needed a ride.  (What’s that you say? The stuffed animals came to Cape Cod?  Yes, yes, they did. Halle totes them all around in her backpack so they don’t have to miss out.  Apparently they get bored sitting back in the apartment all day)
IMG_5065 - CopyIMG_5066 - CopyIMG_4251 - Copy

We decided to hit up one more beach before dinner.  Craig’s beach was quite pretty.  It is a huge sandy strip and the water wasn’t too freezing.  There was lots more playing in the water, but the sea shells on this beach weren’t as pretty.


As it as getting close to time to go we told the kids to go grab their clean, dry clothes from the car and get dressed.  Rusty and I were still hanging out on the beach.  He commented that if they were able to get that done without our help that we will have officially transitioned from the parents of little kids to the parents of big kids.  We laughed a little, sure at any moment someone would be hollering for help. 


It’s official.  The transition is complete.  We are a family with big, independent kids!

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