Our little Halloween Spook!


Yes, that’s right, we’re having an…..alien! Although the ultrasound was done on Halloween, the Dr. assures us it is really a BABY. I am 10 weeks (1/4 of the way there!!)with a due date of May 30th. Halle is so excited she can hardly stand it, and is really hoping that Heavenly Father will send her a sister. Josh of course doesn’t really get it, and when I tell him we’re going to the dr to check on the new baby he says, “Why? Is baby cryin?”
I’ve been feeling my usual yucky “pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting” but the Dr. has me on both zofran and phenergan, which is at least making life bearable. I feel ok during the day, but the evenings are pretty bad. Hopefully that part will be over soon….
So that’s the exciting news at our house!

20 thoughts on “Our little Halloween Spook!

  1. YEA!!!! I am SO happy for you guys!! I read it from your comment on Adrienne’s blog first and I thought I had missed something big…luckily its still recent news! That’s going to be so fun though!! Totally happy for you guys!


  2. Congrats! Congrats! I am so happy for you guys. I can’t believe you are already 10 weeks. I am sorry you are sick, but I think the first 10 weeks are some of the hardest. Good luck. The kids will be so excited to have another cousin. Loves


  3. Hooray for you guys! That is great news! And I love the Halloween pics, you scored as far as being able to use your costumes again! Yes, I agree, tutu’s make everything more girly and cute so if Halle’s interested, we’ll share! Congrats again!


  4. Congratulations on baby #3! That is so exciting!You have ALL MY SYMPATHY for the nausea/vomiting. I had to do phenergren/zofran with both of my pregnancies for the whole 9 months. So miserable! I know that although the meds can bring temporary relief, they also have some annoying side effects of their own. Hang in there! I know those sick days can be long. Hope you get feeling better soon!


  5. Congrats! THAT IS AWESOME! Our kids will be born the same month! I had unusually bad sickness this time too, maybe its something to do with May babies! I’m excited for you!


  6. Congratulations. Natalie has been very good and didn’t even let it slip the you are expecting. Sorry you’re sick. If you pay me a million dollars I’ll start carrying your babies for you.


  7. Wow – I’m so surprised! Brian told me you guys weren’t having any more…guess he was wrong. Congrats, I hope your sickness goes away and you have a good pregnancy!


  8. I haven’t checked the blogs for awhile. That is so exciting! I am a little upset though. Just when I’m about to catch up to you two, you have to go and have another one! I’m so sorry you are sick. I hope those meds help you through the rough patch. Love you so much!


  9. Congratulations! How exciting! The barfing is worth it, right? That part is NOT fun…anytime I have a sliver of maybe wanting to get pregnant-I just think of that and I’m cured! haha But really, once you see their cute little face, and stare into those adorable little eyes looking up at you like you are the only person in the world that matters – EVERYTHING you go through is so worth it! =)


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