Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

I was pretty skeptical of this museum, but it turned out to be one of the most fun Revolution themed things we’ve done on this trip.  You start out with an identity card, and take a seat in the “Old South Meeting house.” We were given feathers to disguise ourselves from the British Soldiers.  Sam Adams stands to address the crowd, riling everyone up in the name of unjust taxes, tyranny, and the promise of a better America free from British Rule. We then boarded the ship and threw the tea into the harbor.  All of this was met with the stamping of feet and jubilant cries of “huzzah!” We were then regaled with tales of the colonists from our identity cards.  We were able to see one of only two remaining tea chests and then watch a Harry Potter-esque conversation between the talking and moving portraits of King Gerorge III and Sam Adams.  It ended with a video of the battle of Lexington and Concord and then the whole crowd singing “My Country Tis of Thee.”  Although the whole thing was quite contrived, I have to admit to feeling pretty darn patriotic by the end! 

It also caused me to reflect on the acts of the Sons of Liberty.  At that time, what they were doing was considered treason, and proponents of the revolution were the minority of people in the colonies.  Looking back today, if they would have stuck with the status quo who knows what our country would look like.  I am thankful for men and women who were willing to push boundaries and stand up and act on those beliefs.  I hope in my life I can embody some of those same qualities. 

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