Empire State of Mind

Carlie, Dan and Baby Gwen are here for a visit.  It is so fun to have them with us, and the kids are just eating Gwen up.  Halle can’t get enough of her, and so when we went to the Empire State Building the other day, Halle got to carry Gwen in the front pack.  I think it was a little heavy, but she didn’t complain at all.  Gwen didn’t like sitting down on the subway, so Halle stood and bounced her the whole way.

The kids have been very excited to see the city from 86 stories  up. They loved looking from all 4 sides and spotting different buildings and landmarks they recognized like Central Park, WTC 1, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Chrysler Building.  Last time we were here on a foggy day and couldn’t see very far.  Today we could clearly see the Statue of Liberty and beyond.  Blake and Josh loved riding the elevator, and Halle was so excited to find a cute little purse in the gift shop to carry her camera in. 

One thought on “Empire State of Mind

  1. How would it be to just roam NYC and take it all in. Sounds like the kids are having the time of their lives. Going to be hard to top this in the future.
    Can't wait to see you there.


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