The Nutcracker

The day of the Nutcracker was the self-proclaimed “best day” of Halle’s life.  Here’s why:

She was the Star of the Day in Kindergarten (very big deal)
We went to 7 Eleven after school for a treat (as is our Friday tradition)
She got to wear her new dress, get her hair curled, and wear a little bit of makeup.
We went out to dinner (Halle and I are alike in that way–we love to go out!)
We saw the Nutcracker and she heard the song she is performing in her ballet recital this weekend
We had “backstage passes” and got to go see the dancers warming up for the second 1/2, and even say “hi” to THE NUTCRACKER.  (swoon)
She got her picture taken with Clara
I bought her a Nutcracker of her very own.
nutcracker ballet

Thanks to my friend Amber, we got FREE tickets to the Colorado Ballet and took our girls for a fun night out.  I’m so glad I have a little girl to do stuff like this with!  We had a blast and hope to make it an annual tradition!

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