Parade of Lights

Last weekend was the Denver Parade of Lights and it was a GREAT way to kick off the holiday season! We had such a good time, even though it was really cold. We met Sara and Brian and kids downtown and grabbed dinner at Bruggers Bagels. Yum Yum. We set up our seats before we had dinner, so we stayed inside where it was toasty warm until just before the parade started. We had lots of layers and lots of blankets for the kids and all in all it wasn’t too cold. The parade was so much fun! All the marching bands had lights attached to their uniforms, there were amazing floats, and even the big huge balloons like you see at the Macy’s day parade. (ok maybe not quite that huge, but same idea)
Josh was totally intrigued while the displays were going by, but as soon as there was a break he would fuss around. Then the next float would come by and he’d be totally mesmerized again. It was pretty funny. Halle and Braxton had a blast ohhing and ahhhing at all the fun things, and they were espically excited about Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. Before the parade Santa was walking around the streets, and Kambree was pretty scared of him, so the rest of the parade she was glued to Sara–always on the lookout for scary Santa. What a fun night!

We also decorated our tree (fake this year) and Halle could not wait to put the star on top. But when the time came to actually do it, she was a little scared of being up so high. But, after much coaxing, she did put the star on top.

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