Senior Prom

Isn’t she a beauty? We found this dress at Macy’s in NYC and it’s so perfect for her. Halle, Riley and Angie spent the afternoon getting all dolled up and then we went to snap a few pics. The wind was not in our favor. It has been such a windy spring! But luckily we found a relatively sheltered spot, and with some good timing, I think we got some great shots.

Then it was off to Emma’s house to take some group pics. The wind still wasn’t cooperating, so we did the big group pictures inside.

The wind finally calmed down enough that we could take pics out at the barn. I love how these turned out! There was a kid there with his drone and so he took a group shot with the drone. Not the best pic ever, but kinda fun.

The dance was at a ballroom in Boulder so they went to Pasta Jays for dinner and a little gelato after. Someone walking by said they were too adorable not to get a picture and so he took this one of them:

After Prom party was at the school from 12-3. It was fun, but most kids agreed 3 was too late. They were tired! But, they stayed till the end and HALLE WON A LAPTOP! How awesome is that? She was so excited.

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