April 2022 recap

This year as service for Jim’s birthday we decided to make sugar cookie kits and donate the proceeds to the International Humane Society to help with Animal care in Ukraine. And by we, I mean I. I did get Halle and Josh to help with frosting, and Blake helped me pack up the kits. I love taking intentional time to remember Jim and recommit to be more like him. Laugh more, love more, and enjoy life as it comes.

it’s official!! She is Colorado State bound!

Last ski day! We hit Copper this time and had an absolute blast.

One Act plays. Halle’s advanced drama class put on The Wizard of Oz. Halle was allllll the supporting characters. Oz, Glinda, Wicked Witch, gate keeper, and her puppets helped with many more. It was so cute and funny. Then, in very stark contrast, she starred as Anna in Anna Alone. She played a girl with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Can’t believe this was her very last HS drama performace

Our Saturdays are filled with Lacrosse. It’s been really rewarding watching Blake improve each week. This was after he scored his first goal!

I broke the dog. He went from adorable and fluffy, to a shaved, skinny, sad puppy. He did not move unless necessary for about 7 days. I think he was so uncomfortable. And freezing. So freezing.

Senior voice recital! She was so so good. She’s been sick for the last week, and was nervous about how she’d sound. No need to worry–it was AMAZING. I loved listening to her sing Newsies. It makes me so nostalgic for when she was a little girl.

Boys ski weekend at Copper. They tried to be cool without their shirts on, and ended up on their butts freezing and laughing their heads off.

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