Feb 10, 2006

Feb 10, 2006
Things are going great for our family! We are loving our neighborhood, church callings,
and jobs. I am still the Beehive adviser, and having a blast. The girls have such strong
testimonies—they teach me so much. Rusty just got called to be the Venture Crew
adviser. This is a perfect calling for him, as he is just a little boy himself. Now he gets to
do all the things I never want to do with him—camping, mountain biking, etc. Halle gets
to come with us to mutual night, which she loves. She totally thinks she’s just as big and
mature as all the teenagers. Rusty is also really liking his job. He gets to work on a lot
of fun projects, and is taking two business trips here shortly. One to New Mexico, and one
to California. We feel really blessed and fortunate to work for such a great company.
More exciting news—I finished up my personal training certification, and got a
job teaching aerobics with 24hour fitness, and the town of Erie. I taught my first class the
other day. It was a bit bumpy, but all in all, not too bad. I am so excited to do this—
it will be so much fun to challenge and motivate people into
becoming healthy. Erie city has just converted a garage-type building into a “fitness facility.” There is no clock, no music, and the most bare amount of equipment. I am teaching a Boot Camp class for them.
Halle made the move from her crib to her big girl bed a few weeks ago. She didn’t have
any real problems with the move, and is really enjoying her new found freedom. She gets
up and reads books or turns on her music. I usually have to go in her room about twice
before she actually falls asleep. Halle is also really into singing lately. She loves her
Veggie Tales Christmas CD (Yes, I do know it’s feb!) and has recently been asking for
the “church music” which is the primary CDs. She loves to sing “I am a child of God”
at family night time. Her funny story of the week is this: She has a little bit of diaper rash, and so I have been putting bum cream on it. She always asks me what it is so I told her, “bum cream.” She then starts making slurping noises and says, “yum, yum…
..bum ice cream!” It was so funny/gross! now every time I pull it out she says “bum ice cream”
AND….Nat and Michael got Married Dec 27th!
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AND…We went to DisneyWorld right before the wedding!

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