Friday Favorites

It’s hard to believe we are winding down our time in London.  Only a few days left!  We wanted to go do all our favorite things one last time.  So we set out on Friday to make that happen. The day did not get off to a great start.  We arrived at Victoria Station and the crowds were massive.  The platform was absolutely packed. A fight broke out.  There was shoving, screaming, big thumps, and some very colorful language.  I grabbed Blake and pulled him off the platform back into a tunnel.  He was terrified and his little heart was beating so fast against my body.  He was crying and begging to go home.  We let the next couple trains go by and the platform clear before we attempted to get on another train.  But we hit gold–there was an adorable little Daschund sitting across from us and the kids loved him and petted him the whole ride.  2018-07-06 11.41.25 We love exploring all the fountains around London and had one left on our list: Granary Square fountains up by Kings Cross.  Apparently, there is an app that you can use that allows you to control the fountains and looked quite fun.  Unfortunately for us, it looks like the app is currently being updated and we couldn’t use it.  Sad.  I’d say this fountain was a little disappointing.  It wasn’t nearly as fun as More London.  But, what WAS fun was Wimbledon being played on the big screen!  Bean bags and Korean Fried chicken made for a great way to pass an hour. We watched Maddison Keys battle her way through the second set.  She was losing 0-4, then came back to win the set 7-5.  Unfortunately she couldn’t keep it up and lost the 3rd set.  2018-07-06 12.17.462018-07-06 13.10.002018-07-06 13.14.182018-07-06 12.29.47Blake is working hard to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before we leave London.  So, he and Rusty were sharing some headphones, listening to the audiobook on our travels.  2018-07-06 13.18.24Now for Halle’s favorite thing: The Parakeets.  This time we came prepared with apples AND sunflower seeds.  We had so many birds!  I think the record was 4 birds on one human.  Blake got bit and the bird drew blood.  So he spent the rest of the time chasing pigeons.  Halle’s favorite part was when a bird landed right on top of her head.

2018-07-06 14.18.232018-07-06 14.19.41

A quick walk in the park to Blake’s favorite thing: The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.  The cold water was the perfect antidote for the hot day.  This might be our favorite place in all of London.  2018-07-06 14.59.432018-07-06 15.14.40Blake has be diligently saving his souvenir money for a Corgi he saw at the Royal Mews.  He wants to be just like the Queen!  It was a happy day when he could finally purchase his Corgi today.  2018-07-06 15.59.23.jpg2018-07-06 17.16.18 Home to get ready for Tara’s favorite thing: Family Pictures!  I’ll tell more about it once we get our photos back.  But here’s a behind the scenes sneak peek:2018-07-06 18.03.02.jpgThen after a quick Double Decker trip over Westminster Bridge, on to EVERYBODY’S favorite: Bubble Waffles!  These are the best thing ever.  Top London treat by a mile. 2018-07-06 19.20.31 HDR2018-07-06 19.40.53-12018-07-06 19.54.27-1We got photobombed pretty good in this pic!  2018-07-06 19.53.48Last, but not least, Josh’s favorite–Hamley’s!  7 stories of toy heaven.  He was hoping to find the perfect souvenir, but he came away empty handed.  It was still fun to browse!


We walked 30,000 steps today!  It might be a new record!2018-07-06 23.23.55

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