Fun Filled Saturday

So, this was the weekend of the Erie Town Fair, and I have to say, it puts Steel Days to shame. My tiny town puts on a darn good show! The day started at 6:30am at the Annual Balloon launch at the Vista Ridge Golf Course (which is in our neighborhood). We rode out bikes over to the driving range to watch about 50 hot air balloons take off into the sky. Unfortunately our camera battery was dead, so we got no pics. But I will post one from last year so you can see how cool it is. Then it was off to the Erie airport (tiny little airport) to see all the cool plane. They were even giving free airplane rides to kids 8-17 yrs old. I asked Rust if he thought I could pass for 17. The raised eyebrows indicated NOT. DARN. But, Josh is obsessed with airplanes, which, living right by the airport, are flying over our house all day long. I’ll be up in his room putting him down for his nap and he’ll be practically asleep in my arm and he’ll hear and airplane fly by. He opens his sleepy little eyes, says, “Airplane,” makes the sign and goes right back to sleep. So funny.

As if all that weren’t enough, then we got the treat of the century–going to Halle’s Spring Singing Recital. Wow–those kids are headed for Broadway! (All except Halle who seems to always be a beat or two behind everyone else. Remind you of anything Nat???) Anyway, video is on the side bar.

Then came the ward BBQ where food and fun were had by all. Josh even had his first T-Ball experience. I’m going to have to go get a set–he loved it.
whew, what a day!

5 thoughts on “Fun Filled Saturday

  1. Loved the video of Halle! It seems her chorus songs are a little more hip than most. Paul is forever singing some awful “Downy White Feathers” song from the AF Children’s Choir. As for your question, I leave on the 31st. Let’s plan some sort of girls dinner or get together when you can. That would be a blast!


  2. Fun! You guys are such good parents to wake up so early to go see balloons! My kids would probably just have to miss out. We are not morning people around here! I love Halle and the mothers day braclet! Too funny! Do you guys have any Utah summer plans? We should try and get together!


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