Kids Against Hunger II

2015-11-13 20.07.59
This year Kids Against Hunger was bigger and better!  We had so many friends come help us package food and everyone had a great time. My kids were able to donate $80 toward the cost of the meals.  All in all our group donated around $600!  We were able to package 2592 meals, which shattered our record from last year.  That night as I was tucking the kids into bed both Halle and Josh expressed how proud they were of their efforts. I was pretty proud too!  The director gave us a package of the food and the kids are kind of excited to try it out and get a taste of what things are like for many children around the world.  I hope experiences like these help develop their empathy and give them a world view.  They have such helpful hearts and I am proud of their desire to “Be the Good” in the world. 
2015-11-13 20.12.08
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