Advent 2021

We tried something new this year and purchase the Adventure Advent. It’s like our Adventure Challenge, where you scratch off different activities and have to do what is underneath. It was fun to have a few new ideas thrown in the mix with our tried and true. But, before anything else, the most exciting news in our family is that Finn Landon Cornell was born on Nov 26th. He was a whopping 4 lbs 13 oz of pure joy. Nothing makes us happier than having him safely here on this side with us. It’s been a hard year with the loss of his sweet twin brothers. We promise to love him 3x as much in honor of them. I think we’ll always see Finn’s two faithful guardian angels whenever we look at him.

Let’s compare Finn’s adorableness and his parents far superior photography skills. I present to you, Finn in a sock vs Josh in a sock. I can’t stop laughing. And a little side of Mave in a basket of ornaments.

Seran Wrap game!!
I dare say this was the best Blackout prize to date.

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