Snorkling at John Pennecamp

Thursday was time to check out of our cudjoe key place and head up to John Pennecamp for our snorkel tour and stay at a houseboat. On the drive up we stopped for a scenic pic of the 7 mile bridge. It’s pretty cool to just dive over nothing but ocean for 7 miles. The snorkling was tons of fun, just what you would expect for reef snorkling. I even saw a nurse shark patrolling the shallows. We planned this vacation around a place I could snorkle. After watching My Teacher Octopus, I couldn’t wait to get in the water. I was so excited I was the first one off and the last one on the boat. I think the kids liked it too. Just so beautiful. Even just the plant life, it’s amazing. So many big fish. And thousands of little fish. We ate at the “Fish House”. More key lime pie. This was probably our 3rd or 4th slice of the trip. Josh tried crab cakes. Tara and I had key lime shrimp (meh) and pan fried mahi mahi (meh). We checked into our houseboat. I was a little concerned how this was going to work out, but it was cute and fun. My only complaint was a bit of a funky smell but that’s anything that’s out in the florida water. Blake even slept on top out under the stars the first night. That was pretty cool. Although both Tara and I woke up at separate times in the night and sneaked out to check on him. Halle and josh had to share a futon bed but they were cool about it. Blake loved stalking all the little fish right by our dock and tara was sweet enough to take him to 7-11 to buy him a net to try and catch the fish. How sweet is that?

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