Robbie’s Tarpons and Parasailing

We had all been eagerly awaiting our chance to go to Robbies and  feed the Tarpons. The dock worker told us it was the “cheapest adrenaline rush in the Keys.” She was right! Dangling your arm down in the water while waiting for a giant fish to lunge at your bait was an adrenaline rush indeed. We went through 3 buckets of fish and kinda wanted more. 

But we saved the rest of our adrenaline rush for parasailing! We were the only ones on the boat so it was like our own private tour! Private island and private parasail all in the same day. All three kids decided to go up together. It was amazing watching them fly off the back of the boat and into the sky. They became tiny little specks floating under the happiest parasail in Islamorada. All the of the LOVED it and wished they could have a second turn. Me too! When Rusty and I went up I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. All the noises disappeared and we just floated along gazing at ocean as far as we could see. It was incredibly beautiful. After a quick dip of our toes in the water it was over. I think we would have gladly kept sailing for a few more hours. Highlight of the trip for sure. 

We came back to the houseboat and grilled hotdogs for dinner. I got Rusty with mouth full of food for once. We ate up in the back deck and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. The kids and Rusty watched Wish Dragon while I read in my bed. Delightful. 

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