Brussels Day 1

Girls trip 2019! We have been waiting so long for this.  Our flight to Brussels was uneventful, just the way we like it.  We had to wait in a long customs line and we could see Gwen and Carlie waiting for us on the other side. It was torture to be so close and not be able to hug them.  But finally we were reunited. And it was wonderful!

We took a taxi to our charming Airbnb about 15 min from the city center. It was so perfect. The girls slept in a room with a double bed, Nat and Carlie had a room with twin beds and I had a surprisingly comfortable couch bed.

After freshening up a bit we took the subway into the city.  On our way we passed the beautiful city gates.  Brussels is a lovely city, we stumbled on some beautiful churches along our walk. 2019-05-31 11.30.122019-05-31 12.03.31

Is anyone surprised to hear that food was our first destination? We went to Fritland and got a mitraillette.  This is a sandwich filed with meat, fries, and a spicy mayo sauce. It was divine.MitrailletteAnd then all the chocolate we could eat! Every time we passed a chocolate shop which was like every 50 feet, Gwen would say, “well…here’s another chocolate shop.  I guess we better go in for a taste!” Halle was more than happy to oblige.  Gwen and Halle had a blast with each other and it was so fun to see them together.  Halle was so sweet and patient and kind and Gwen hung on her every word. Brussels treatsWe stopped to see the beautiful architecture in Grand Place and wandered the tiny streets.  2019-05-31 17.21.5220190531_133604IMG_20190531_172715We discovered our first Leige Waffle.  Here it is in the beginning. And 10 seconds later.  WafflesThen on to the cathedral.  There was a wedding happening inside and we were all trying to sneak a peak at the bride. Nat hoisted Gwen up so she could take a look. Gwen said, “I don’t want to see a marriage!” Nat asked why. Gwen said, “don’t you think that’s a bit disgusting?”

Halle didn’t think so.  She loved seeing the fancy old car that the newly weds were going to drive away in and seeing the wedding party come down the steps of the cathedral amid a cacophony of confetti poppers. 20190531_14225720190531_142518Next up, the Royal Palace. It was closed today so we just admired it rom the outside.  Then we were ready for a rest in the palace gardens across the street.  The girls skipped off to go lay in the grass and the next think we know there is a photographer snapping pictures of them for a tourism magazine. He got all their contact inform case he decided to publish one of the photos.  They though that was so cool!20190531_150124IMG_0357.jpgNow on to the most famous site in Brussels.  The Manneken Pis.  Why is this the most famous site in Brussels you might ask? I have absolutely no idea.  What I do know is that he provided an endless stream of jokes for us and a pretty great chocolate souvenir for Michael.  IMG_20190531_16365520190531_1638082019-05-31 15.04.28We spent the rest of the evening wandering around, popping into chocolate shops and yapping each other’s ears’s off until we couldn’t keep our eyes open one more minute. We went back to the apartment and left the girls to rest while we went and grabbed some dinner from the grocery store.  We all fell into bed exhausted and now 1/2 made of chocolate. IMG_036420190531_115653And we discovered Aristocratic Chloe.  IMG_20190531_170552

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