After 25 long pandemic months, we finally got to take our girls trip to NYC. And what a time we had! Our flight started off as a bit of a fiasco. It kept getting bumped further and further back. Southwest had cancelled like 1000 flights over the weekend, so I was not feeling very hopeful. I hopped on the Delta website, and surprisingly, the one way ticket wasn’t too much more than we had paid. So, we cancelled our Southwest flight and went with Delta. We were so happy! It was Jim’s birthday, and we wanted to be sure we had time to eat something delicious in his honor. We hit up Joe’s Pizza around midnight. So freaking delicious. Then we grabbed an Insomnia Cookie and made our way to our Hotel. We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton in Soho. It was perfect! Queen sized beds, one block from the subway. Of course we didn’t have an inch of room to spare and had to get pretty creative about storing our suitcases. But we made it work. We hit the hay already giddy with excitement over what tomorrow would bring.

The day dawned bright and early. We threw on clothes, jumped on the subway and joined the line at Winter Garden at 7:09 to rush Music Man tickets. There was a steady drizzle of rain coming down. We were about 17th in line. I asked people at the front what time they arrived and they said 5:15am!! That’s commitment! 

Grace and Halle whipped out their umbrellas and went in search of breakfast. They came back with sandwiches from Toasties and a hot chocolate from the biggest Krispie Kreme the world has ever seen. 

Even just standing there in the rain, the time went by surprisingly fast! The box office opened at 10 am and before we knew it we were standing at the counter purchasing our $49 tickets to the Matinee show. And luck of all luck, we were able to get seats right next to Sarah and Grace! $296 for 4 of the hottest tickets in town. We were thrilled. This was the first, but pretty sure it won’t be the last time we rush Broadway. 

The rain continued to come. It wasn’t awful, but enough to be annoying. We decided to hit up a library exhibit I’d been hearing a lot about.  It was amazing. Events like this are why I love the City! Sarah’s favorite thing was an original King James Bible. Grace’s favorite was seeing a piece of sheet music transcribed by Beethoven himself. Halle was fascinated with a costuming sketch from the very first production of Fiddler on the Roof. And my favorite was a toss up between seeing the old, ratty and adorable stuffed animals that were the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh, or a handwritten letter from Christoper Columbus. 

After the library we grabbed a slice of Crepe cake from Lady M and then strolled around the Rockefeller area. We passed a Steinway Piano store on our way and Grace got to go in and play a piece. It sounded angelic. We made our way to the delicious Halal Guys on 53rd for a rainy lunch on some soggy Starbucks outdoor tables. 

Then it was Music Man time! What a fun show. So many comedic moments, great dancing, high energy, and a happy ending. Perfection. After the show we quickly made our way to the stage door in hopes of meeting the Musical Man himself, Hugh Jackman! He was so kind and fun. I told him the girls had waited 3 hours in the rain to get tickets and he clutched his heart and said, “awe…that’s so nice! Thanks!” So basically we are now BFF’s with Hugh. 

Now on a crazy adrenaline high, we continued our NYC tour. We saw Grand Central station and were delighted to whisper to each other in the famed whispering gallery. We chased an entire flock of pidgins. We walked and walked and walked all over the city. We went to see the famed Macy’s flower show. So cool. When our feet couldn’t take it anymore we stopped at Eataly for dinner. It was very yummy! Halle and I shared some pasta and some hot out of the over Ficcocia bread. 

While we were waiting doe our table we went to the biggest Harry Potter store I’ve ever seen! It was so fun. They had wands galore, even a few that were exclusive to NYC, a room dedicated to each Hogwarts House, and more accessories than you could ever dream. They even had a butter beer bar. Of course we had to get one. Of course they only let you purchase if you also buy the commemorative mug for $12. 

At this point We were exhausted and more than ready to hit the hay. NYC, you never disappoint.  There aren’t word to express what this trip means to me. To have this time to spend with these girls before they graduate and leave for college is absolutely priceless. I kept looking over at them and getting teary. Life won’t be the same without them here everyday, but I’m so very excited to watch them spread their wings and soar. I know great things are in store for them both.

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