Utah Thanksgiving

This is the first time we’ve traveled at Thanksgiving since Josh and Halle were tiny.  As we are going to Germany over Christmas, we wanted to be able to spend some holiday time with our Banks family.  It was a great trip!  The night we were leaving Blake cried and cried saying he wished we lived in Utah near our Grandparents and cousins.  He had so much fun playing this week.  Here’s the highlights:

Dash driving us to Utah:2019-11-24 15.43.37

Everyone fights over Dash snuggles on car rides.

2019-11-24 16.15.52Cousin Sleepover!2019-11-26 22.26.27Grandpa got two hover boards and a new motorcycle and 4-wheeler.  Blake was in HEAVEN.  2019-11-25 21.42.17Butterfly exhibit and lunch and ice cream at Thanksgiving point with the Cornell’s.  2019-11-27 11.59.052019-11-27 11.53.51Then some epic bowling and Pizza later that evening. 2019-11-27 18.49.17Dash meets White.  He growled and growled at her but she didn’t care one bit.  2019-11-25 14.26.10Lots of snow this week meant lots of time on the fun outside toys.  2019-11-28 12.22.01Lindsey cooked a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.  We had such a fun time playing games and decorating gingerbread houses.  2019-11-28 14.03.03The doggies begging for some Turkey2019-11-28 14.11.53Carson and Grandpa love the drumsticks!2019-11-28 14.32.242019-11-28 14.39.042019-11-28 14.43.002019-11-28 19.16.15Night sledding!  See that orange blur?  That’s Blake 🙂 2019-11-28 20.13.40Kami and the kids came to visit for a day. (Brett had to work on Thanksgiving)  It was so fun to be all together.  2019-11-29 15.50.23-12019-11-29 15.51.49The morning we were leaving we decided to get up early and go see the temple square lights on our way out of town.  The website said that the lights were on from 6am-7:30am.  Nat and Michael and kids came with us.  Well….there were no lights on, but it was still beautiful.  It had snowed all night and the trees and ground were blanketed in white.  We had breakfast at Blue Lemon and then hit the road. 2019-11-30 06.57.442019-11-30 07.11.192019-11-30 07.33.522019-11-30 08.24.40The drive back was not so hot.  After we were already in SLC we found out 1-80 was closed.  So we backtracked to 1-70 only to get stuck in Colorado ski traffic that evening.  11.5 hours later we were finally home.  2019-11-30 11.51.54And look who’s behind the wheel?  This trip she drove a ton to finish up her hours so she can get her drivers license next week!  She did awesome.  2019-11-30 14.06.32

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