Quarantine life

Who knows what day it is at this point.  My kids call Monday first Saturday, Tuesday second Saturday, and so forth.  Kids are being schooled at home, most likely for the rest of the year.  There are hard times, Halle really wants to get back to HS life.  Rusty lost his job with DNS Filter. The CEO said that they had different ideas about the direction of the company and that they were incompatible.  Which is probably true, but hard to hear.  We are hopeful that he’ll find something, but it’s just an added layer of stress to an already unusual situation.  There are good times–Josh thinks this is his ideal life.  Not a ton of school, and lots and lots of screentime.  Blake is somewhere in the middle.  He doesn’t mind school at home, but he does miss the social interaction and all his clubs.  Here’s a little taste of  what we’ve been up to.  It’s forced us to be creative, and I have mostly enjoyed the time to connect and de-stress.  But it feels weird to say that while the economy falls apart and people are getting sick by the thousands.
We delivered doggie treats to all of Dash’s puppy friends to help them through this hard time.  Who are we kidding?  The Earth’s doggies are VERY happy about this whole stay at home situation.

2020-03-22 13.31.262020-03-22 13.31.32Getting our workouts in at home.  Here’s Blake doing Cosmic Kids Yoga. 2020-03-23 11.21.45We spend a fun afternoon making a stop motion video that ended with a morbid twist 🙂


We packed up a picnic and headed to the great outdoors.  There was a soccer field nearby and we made up a fun frisbee game.  Turns out Josh is a pretty incredible goalie!2020-03-24 12.39.33
Dinner for the missionaries.  They aren’t allowed to come inside homes, so we had to leave their dinner on the porch.  2020-03-24 17.33.43Card games are getting wild!  Halle might have a scar. 2020-03-24 18.28.08Halle came up with this darling idea to make Fairy Houses.  Hers is the red and brown one and mine is the black and white one.  We had a lot of fun with these! 2020-03-25 16.41.49Fortnite. So. Much. Fortnite.  2020-03-26 13.46.05Cleaning and organizing galore. I wish I had a before pic!  This is like 1,000,000 times better.2020-03-27 12.54.12Cute Amber brought us this very perfect present when she found out Rusty lost his job.  Those wipes are like gold these days. 2020-03-27 13.12.19Homemade pizza!  It was a decent first attempt.  I think we all learned we need to roll our crust a lot thinner.  2020-03-27 18.03.422020-03-27 18.19.59So. Many. Walks.  Anything to escape the house for a little bit.  2020-03-28 16.41.41Family Zoom!  It was fun doing church and playing games as a family one Sunday morning. 2020-03-29 10.10.37Hiking in Boulder.  This was a BEAUTIFUL hike at Realization Point.  2020-03-29 15.28.422020-03-29 15.54.122020-03-29 16.00.01Biking with Josh.  He was really into it for about 10 days.  And I don’t think we’ve gone since.  I might make him go again on Monday.  We can find a new fun trail to try.  2020-03-30 10.37.08

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