High On a Mountain Top

We love Utah!! Here’s the top 10 countdown from our trip.

10. Liberty Land–overpriced but the kids had a blast. Their favorite ride was the pirate ship

9. Roasting hotdogs and making smores up AF canyon with the Banks Family and the Cornell Family. Josh could not get enough of throwing rocks into the river, and Halle loved playing with her cousins.

8. Running. I got to do a lot of running on this trip thanks to babysitter Grandma, and oh the scenery! I got to run up around Mt. Timp Temple, and then I also did a few runs up near the mouth of AF canyon where the view is BREATHTAKING (There is also a HUGE hill that is quite breath-taking)

7. Halle’s sleepover with Grandma Banks. They got to color, watch movies, and go buy Purplicious.

6. White the Kitty and Indy. Both animals actually behaved quite well this trip as my kids tortured them. White only bit Halle once!

5. Playing with the Aunts and Uncles. The kids were constantly pulling Michael and Nat out to the tramp to jump and play “attack.” I think Michael even got roped into a Polly Pocket session. And Josh about had a heart attack every time he saw Danny and Carlie because he was so excited.

4. Buzzing Josh’s head. Carlie gave him the cutest little buzz while my watching mom was about in tears over the end of his babyhood. My dad said he looked like a Chemo baby, but I think he is ADORABLE.

3. Josh playing Tennis with Grandpa Banks. Josh was so fascinated by the ball machine, and although he didn’t hit very many he sure had fun trying!

2. “micnic” (or picnic to those of us with a firm grasp of the English language) with Grandma Cornell.

1. And the #1 highlight of the trip was HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (the broadway play). Sharon and her friend Tina took Lindsey and I out for a WONDERFUL girls night out. We ate at Barbacoa inside the Hotel Monaco and it was delicious! At dinner we were talking about Kami and Brett and the triathalon they had just done. Kami had encouraged everyone to try a triathalon because of how much fun she has and how awesome she feels at the end of the race. Sharon said that nights like the one we were having–good dinner, great show–were her equivilant of a triathalon. I loved that! The show was really cute and a lot of fun.


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip. it was fun to see you. Kaitlyn would have loved to have seen the high school musical, sounds like so much fun.

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