Banks Family Christmas Party

We knew the roads were going to be snowy on our drive to Utah so I was determined to have everything in order for a nice early start to our trip.  We packed the car, set out shoes, and I even put the protien powder and peanut butter and banana in the blender so all we would have to do in the morning was add almond milk and ice and we’d be set.  Rusty and I got up earlier than the kids and finished up a few last min things.  I woke the kids up at 6, hoping to be on the road by 6:15.  We were all ready to go out the door when Josh tells us he can’t find his ipod.  So we search.  And search. And search.  All over the house. We tore his bed apart.  We tore cushions off couches.  It was getting later and later.  Finally, Halle says, “Josh, isn’t it in your suitcase?”  Josh responds, “oh ya.  It is. Let’s go!” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  All my carefully laid plans and we didn’t leave the house until 7.  Sigh.  The drive was pretty nasty.  It was SLOW going most of the way, and a complete white out in some places.  After about 10 hours we finally made it.  After quickly dropping off our stuff at the Cornell’s we headed up to the Banks for our annual Christmas party.  It was so fun and festive.  Sharon’s house always looks so Christmasy.  We ate delicious turkey pot pies for dinner and the kids were so happy to be back with their cousins.  For the nativity this year Sharon assigned them each a picture depiciting a person or scene from the nativity story and then the kids showed us their picture and described their part.  They all did a great job.  Then we talked about how Jesus is the Light of the World.  She gave them each a darling little Nativity scene and a candle to go inside.  They all put their candles in and then we turned out the lights and watched them glow. It was really sweet. 
PicMonkey Collage
Next up was PRESENTS!  Everyone’s favorite.  Halle got a cute American Girl Craft set for all her pets, Josh got Minecraft Legos (which he was estatic for!) and Blake got a Morphibian Land Shark.  It’s a super fun remote control car.  He has had so much fun zooming it all over the place.  The cousins also did a gift exchange.
PicMonkey Collage2
I was in charge of dessert.  We made everyone our Christmas favorite: Hot chocolate floats.  Yum!  I had also found a cute local business that made “paint your own” sugar cookies.  It was so much fun to paint the darling designs, but unfortunately, the cookies really weren’t that great.  The kids mostly decorated and then dumped them in the trash. 
cookie decorating
We always love the opportunity to see Grandpa Miller.  We appreciate so much that he will drive up and spend the evening with us.  I know it’s getting harder and harder for him to do, but he never misses!
2015-12-23 21.41.53
Sharon is a Saint for planning and hosting such a fun get together.  She was disappointed that her fun pistachio jello didn’t work out, but I guarantee none of the kids will ever remember that.  But they will remember they had grandparents who always went above and beyond to make fun memories for their cute grandkids. 

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