My favorite Halle

We put Braxton’s Batman mask on Josh and he looked so funny we all started laughing hysterically. I think all the laughing scared him more than the mask and he just started bawling. Poor thing

Yesterday we had the Loveridges over to dinner, and we get the biggest kick out of Braxton and Halle. They are so funny together. At one point Halle yelled, “Brax–let’s go play princess and Superman–you be superman, I’ll be the princess” (hopefully it won’t ever be the other way around!) And then a little bit later Braxton said, “You are my FAVORITE Halle.” So funny. Our kids get along so well. We just send them to the toy room and then we get to chat the night away. Tomorrow we all are headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park, so I’ll post some pics after that adventure.

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