Play-in-a-Day was a blast this year.  Courtney came up with the genius theme of Harry Potter and then we all brainstormed for gospel tie ins.  Halle was at tech week for Fiddler on the Roof, and I couldn’t convince Josh to come.  So I was there all day without my kids 🙂 We had a meeting on a Thursday evening where the Youth Specialists came and picked their theme, setting, and scenery piece.  And then everyone had to incorporate a giant pink flamingo blow up toy into their production.  They also had to include “The Renegade.”  A dance made famous on Tik Tok. We were trying to simplify this time around so each play was no more than 8 minutes.  On Friday groups of kids got together to write the scripts, plan the set piece, and organize costumes.  They did SUCH A GOOD JOB.  Everything turned out so fun.  Every year Play-in-a-Day comes right up to the chopping block, and every time, we’re so glad we saved it!  The kids are so proud of their hard work and it’s so fun to see their creativity on stage.  The dance battles were epic, but I think Broomfield 1 stole the show with their original song.  So glad we got to do this before Corona crazy kicked in.  2020-03-07 17.12.372020-03-07 18.23.492020-03-07 18.42.102020-03-07 18.50.142020-03-07 19.15.072020-03-07 19.23.352020-03-07 19.35.232020-03-07 19.46.10

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