March 2020 recap (Before the world turned upside down)

High School Band Concert!  Such a fun time!

2020-02-26 20.11.03Harlem Globetrotters.  The kids had a fun time but Rusty said the show has gone downhill since he was a kid. 2020-02-29 14.46.29It was too cold for our usual Stake Conference adventure outside, so living room picnic to the rescue!2020-03-01 12.44.24Super Tuesday!  Unfortunately, my man Pete dropped out a few days before, but I still wanted to wear my shirt when I went to vote.  But when I got there they made me go in the bathroom and turn the shirt inside out because apparently there is no campaigning at voting locations, and the shirt counted as campaigning.  It was funny.  2020-03-03 11.04.28Sitting on the “Warmies” during breakfast.  He does this Every. Single. Day.  And Dash is really hoping for a bite of that bacon!2020-03-05 07.21.49Feeding the Fiddler Cast.  It’s tech week and Halle has been at the school every night until 9pm perfecting the show.  So, families provide dinner each night.  I got Jimmy Johns to donate some sandwiches and we did chips, clementines and homemade cookies.  I have never seen kids so grateful for cookies before!  It was adorable.  Oh, and chocolate milk.  That was also a major hit.  2020-03-05 18.10.34White the Cat has passed on to greener pastures.  Halle is going to miss White so much!  Grandpa and Halle loved White the very most.  2020-03-06 15.30.15IMG_5647Grace’s 16th birthday.  This is the moment she learned she, Sarah, Halle and I are going to NEW YORK CITY!  We are gonna see Moulin Rouge, Dear Evan Hansen and West Side Story.  And eat and laugh ourselves silly!  2020-03-08 19.17.472020-03-08 19.29.58And then the world turned upside down.  Thursday March 12th was scheduled to be opening night for Fiddler on the Roof.  Coronavirus had recently been declared a world pandemic, and social distancing measures were being put in place.  Well, at 2pm, they cancelled school for the next two weeks.  Effective immediately all sports, after school activities, and school were cancelled for at least the next two weeks.  That’s right.  5 hours before the curtain on opening night, the play was cancelled.  To say Halle was devastated is an understatement.  She called me while I was at Trader Joe’s and we both sat and cried.  Her at school and me at Trader Joe’s.  They got permission to record the show, so they went ahead and performed to an empty auditorium.  I was so so so sad not to get to see her on stage.  Dash keeping watch until the kids get home each afternoon. 2020-03-10 12.25.08Transition to Middle School night!  How is this already happening??  2020-03-10 19.01.18

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