Feb 2020 recap

Feb is usually a very slow month.  But not this year!  It began with a Vex Robotic tournament for Blake at Soaring Heights.  I was impressed!  This was quite the set up.  And for first timers, Blake’s team did great.  2020-02-01 11.50.002020-02-01 19.26.062020-02-01 11.47.59

Then, a glorious 70 degree Sunday nap.  Everyone needs one of these in Feb.   2020-02-02 13.32.30But two days later…..2020-02-11 07.48.47Dash was not a fan of sledding. 2020-02-05 10.32.16Dog sitting Captain! 2020-02-09 09.20.332020-02-12 18.23.40Valentine’s Day.  Blake made his box in honor of Kobe Bryant, who passed away in a helicopter crash this month.  Or more accurately, he repurposed Josh’s box from several years ago and added some Lakers stuff 🙂2020-02-13 14.55.382020-02-12 18.44.31-1We invited friends to join us for Crazy Cupid Cafe this year.  All Halle’s friends were busy, so she was a good sport putting up with all the others.  2020-02-14 18.30.382020-02-14 19.07.58This is what Josh and Adam won. Animal face masks! 2020-02-14 19.29.26Hailey’s Bridal shower.  I was in charge of the food and the wedding shoe game. We had so much fun! And I can’t believe Hailey is getting married.  Wasn’t she 12 about 5 min ago?  2020-02-15 16.26.462020-02-15 17.50.13-1Dragged Meredith along with me for my first political rally.  Mayor Pete for Pres!  This was a ton of fun. I’m so glad we went.  2020-02-22 23.43.162020-02-22 21.50.582020-02-22 20.50.19Round 2 of puppy sitting.  This time it was Churro.  We just love this pup.  2020-02-14 17.47.36Halle was walking Duke and Remy for a day, so we had a whole dog walking party. 2020-02-14 12.07.232020-02-15 11.40.38A-Basin ski day.  It was a beautiful day!! 2020-02-22 13.50.40And the very, very best news of the month.  This little angel joined our family.  Cyrus Cornell Schofield was born on Feb 6th at 2:20am.  He was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20.8 inches long.  Baby, it feels like we have been waiting for you forever.  We are so glad you are here safe and sound.  Now I can’t wait to get my lips on those cheeks! 2020-02-06 06.11.292020-02-08 07.50.19Blake’s 5th grade concert.  They sang oldies songs, and he got to ride his skateboard across the stage in Surfin USA.  2020-02-24 19.39.43Instrument Test drive at the Middle School!  After trying all the instruments, Blake decided on the flute.  Totally not what I was expecting, but that’s what I love about this kid!  2020-02-25 16.33.32Another day, another conference for Rusty.  2020-02-25 10.21.217th grade band concert.  Per usual, they did a great job!


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