Quarantine YW Camp 2020

Along with everything else, traditional YW camp was cancelled this year.  We thought and prayed about what we should do and felt impressed that we should put together a shortened 2 day virtual camp.  I’m so glad we did it, but I cannot even begin to express how much work was involved.  It’s way easier to have camp in the mountains!

Our YCLs had already picked their theme for the year, and we felt it was so inspired for the time these girls are living through.  2020-02-20 12.06.37

We decided to offer Devotionals, classes, and YCL led activities all via Zoom.  We were a little worried engagement would be low since everything was online, but actually, I think most girls had a really great time.  The YCLs worked tirelessly to put together fun classes and special touches for all the YW.  It was a lot of work for them to plan things that would be interactive and to get together all the supplies that were needed.  The day before camp we put together kits that we then delivered to all 100 girls participating in camp.  This was a really fun day.  I was in charge of the 4th year YCLs and we made a special handshake that we taught them at their doorstep.  We then ended all our meetings with the handshake.  Little things like that made our virtual camp so special.  2020-06-05 14.12.292020-06-09 12.49.52

We had Virtual Camp flags that went to all the wards.  The flag started with once of the YCLs, who signed their name and then delivered it to another girl in her ward.  She would put the flag in the yard and then doorbell ditch.  This way the camp flags made it to every girl over the course of the 2 days.  It was really fun!

Camp classes included Calligraphy:

2020-05-29 16.34.24-12020-05-29 17.35.07-1Cookie decorating:2020-06-09 08.01.56Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 1.52.13 PMCalligraphy: 2020-06-02 16.17.47CalligraphyDay2

Inspirational Rock Painting: 2020-08-05 17.13.21image1

Skin Care and Makeup:2020-08-05 17.13.03Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 1.59.41 PM And Painting: Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 2.02.30 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-10 at 2.05.30 PMFor classes all the girls got to pick what they wanted and all the ages were mixed together.  We also had YCL time where the girls gathered with just the other girls their same age and did fun activities.  Here’s Halle’s group doing  a high school chit chat.  They had the girls coming into high school so they had a Q&A and answered questions the girls had about HS.  2020-06-11 10.26.36And here they are doing “Just Dance”

Our YCLs are the only reason camp was so successful.  They were absolutely amazing.  Halle, Ruby and Riley camped out in our basement on the last night to celebrate a job well done.  2020-06-11 21.48.24Wendy Ericson made the YCL gifts–they were so fun.  They got a special YCL headbad to wear throughout camp, a Crumbl cookie gift card and a NeeDo Stress Ball.  2020-06-11 11.18.26103937989_10218269390233246_3023865825480394185_o103767581_10223896603030091_355530537220182947_o2020-06-10 14.16.42103622477_10221198521409329_7579310479605491436_n (1)103549895_10157059391806969_1317435852211137693_nOther fun touches included S’mores Night.  This one was spearheaded by Halle.  The girls had a kit that included all the ingredients for S’Mores as well as a tea light candle to “roast” their marshmallow.  Lots of girls went outside and lit their firepits.  I decided to do the same.

2020-08-05 17.13.562020-06-10 21.03.422020-06-10 21.08.15On our last night we did Spa night.  Julia was in charge.  How cute are these little kits?  The girls painted their nails, chatted, and ended with a devotional about loving and supporting each other.  Perfect way to end camp. 2020-08-05 17.13.59In the camp kit we had a brown paper bag that the girls were instructed to give to their parents.  Inside the bag was a pillow treat for each night.  So, the parents would sneak it into the girls room and it would be waiting for them when they went to bed.  We love incorporating some of our camp traditions into virtual camp!

2020-06-10 21.55.19One of my favorite parts were the Videos that the YCLs made.  They added such a special touch!  Our camp song is an original written by Sydney Petersen.

Here is a picture of everyone who came to camp.  Virtual Camp was a success, but we sure hope to be back at Camp Batel next year.  YW Camp 2020

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