DASH, Welcome to the Family!

Our best Christmas surprise came early this year.  I still can’t really believe it.  After we babysat cute Churro, I couldn’t get puppies off my brain!  So, we called the same breeder, Tracy from Powder Valley Poodles, and as luck would have it, she had some black mini poodles and some Yorkiepoos for us to look at.  I had my heart set on a mini poodle, but as soon as I saw Dash’s cute face, I knew he was the pup for me!  He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen and I was instantly in love.  Which was really unexpected. Because, I don’t really like dogs all that much.  When I told my best friend Kari that we were getting a puppy she said, “I am legitimately concerned that the real Tara has been abducted by Aliens.”  2018-12-06 11.57.23Dash was 9.5 weeks old, so he was ready to come home anytime!  We met him on a Thursday, and scheduled to bring the kids up to get him on Saturday.  I’ll let the kids pick up the story from here:

One night, before I went to hang out with a friend, our parents had us open a box under the Christmas tree. It was still many days until Christmas so I wondered what could be in the box. When we opened it we saw a bunch of supplies for a dog. That’s when my parents told us: We were getting a dog! I was so excited and had a hard time sleeping. In the morning we got up and sat in the car for a little over a hour to get to the farm where he was born. All through the ride we brainstormed names for our new puppy. When we got there we looked at the other puppies and waited until we could get ours. We had seen a few pictures of him but I thought the real dog was cuter then in the pictures. He was so small! We held him and then brought him home. I held him and he fell asleep in my lap. In the car we narrowed it down between two names, Dash and Frodo. It would still be a few more days until we would finally decide to name him Dash. We played with him for the rest of that day and had a great time. I am so happy that I now have a cute dog who loves to play and snuggle.IMG_8312Blake:
The first week we had Dash was so much fun. We played with him for hours. He is a Yorkie Poodel. He is very small. He loves to sit under the Christmas tree. It is his favorite spot in the hole house. He loves to play with Captin. It is so cute. He has brown spots on him. He has brown spots over his eyes. I finished!!!!!!!!!
2018-12-07 12.18.192018-12-08 10.00.532018-12-08 10.06.572018-12-08 10.10.19Dash Christmas Tree
Halle:IMG_8896_DSC5224Rowberry’s got a Goldendoodle a few weeks ago.  Her name is Ginger.  The puppies were to little to be left alone for 4 hours while we went to church, so Grace and Halle got to stay home and be dog sitters.  It might have been the greatest day of Halle’s life 🙂  2018-12-09 12.36.14 HDR
Blake and I got to stay home the next Sunday and we gave Dash his first bath.  Wet dogs look so hilarious.  Blake said, “He doesn’t even look like himself!”2018-12-16 09.03.09After he was all dry and stopped shaking, we put him on the kitchen scale.  2lbs 4oz.  SO TINY!2018-12-11 13.37.52And then we had a Christmas Photo shoot2018-12-16 19.06.402018-12-16 22.44.252018-12-16 22.42.46

If you need me this winter, you can find me parked right here.  2018-12-12 11.22.50-1

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