We threw Halle and Josh a combined Halloween Birthday Party on Sat.  I went a little overboard, and we had 27 kids between the ages of 2-6 in our house, all dressed up in their costumes.  The kids had a blast running around and causing chaos.  We had hot dogs, banana “ghosts”, chips, and “witch punch” for lunch, and spooky cake pops for dessert.  We did a relay race where the kids had to wrap each other like mummies, walk like Frankenstein, and walk like a spider (i.e. crab wal k), and then we did a Black Cat (or scaredy cat, as Halle likes to call them) treasure hunt to find their goodie bags.  Thank heavens Sara, Brian, and Janice stayed to help me—their hands were greatly needed and appreciated!

Instead of everyone bringing gifts, we asked that each family bring an unwrapped toy to donate to some kids in need this Christmas.  I am amazed at everyone’s generosity—we have so many awesome toys and I am excited to let my kids share in this special experience.  Thanks everyone!!!

The carpet took a hit–someone tracked their cake pop all through the living room—but nothing Resolve and some time on my hands and knees couldn’t fix.  And poor poor Blake. As you might imagine, 27 kids can be a little loud.  Blake had the pants scared off him more than once by all those costumed kiddos.  All in all, everyone had a fun time, especially the birthday boy and girl.

party kidscake pops

Bakerella’s were cuter, but I tried!
They are saying “Happy Birthday Halle and Josh” just in case you couldn’t understand the screaming!

12 thoughts on “It was a MONSTER BASH!

  1. How FUN! I love the cake pops I was going to make some last week but totally got the flu so my plans were foiled but I think I am going to attempt some turkeys?? We shall see. We got the organizer from Home Depot they have several different kinds we went with white because it was a little cheaper and it matches the doors and one section that came with the house.


  2. Okay, Tara, I had to read this post 3 times to make sure I was getting the info right……… 27 KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!?????? You are going straight to heaven. I guess thinking back, you always have been one to like big parties. 🙂 I loved all the details you put into it, and the gift/service idea. How fun!


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